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Also, do an Internet search for Legal Action of Wisconsin and the Milwaukee Legal Aid Society - they may provide free legal representation for those who qualify in a number of legal-practice areas.

Don't pay anyone for legal services when you don't have to or cannot afford to! But if you do end up needing to pay someone for legal help, make sure you get what you pay for and hire a lawyer - there's just no substitute for the many, many years of schooling and the government regulation and oversight of a duly-licensed attorney.

You don't always get what you pay for when it comes to legal services. Don't be lured into paying steep prices for do-it-yourself guidance and legal forms provided by slick charlatans out there only trying to make a fast buck off your troubles who think they know what they're doing and who are not authorized to practice law or are not directly supervised by members of your state bar (especially when you can get virtually the same type of assistance for FREE by simply going to the courthouse and asking the clerks about existing, public legal clinics where they can help you at little-to-no cost with simple matters).

Our legal system was gradually developed by the bar, our courts and publicly-elected lawmakers over the course of hundreds of years. If you need to file a case in court, it's an important (and probably complex) matter in your life that deserves professional attention. Only those who have successfully undergone and passed the rigorous requirements of legal-education approved by our government (and who have maintained the competence and ethics required to hold on to their law licenses) have the minimum qualifications to successfully help you litigate criminal-defense, family-law, bankruptcy, business and other legal matters that have the potential of profoundly effecting your life for years to come.

Call a lawyer first – there are plenty of us out here who provide readily-affordable guidance and assistance to those in need. Based in Milwaukee, I have many years of experience in a variety of areas of the law, to include criminal defense (both federal and state), family law (divorce, child support and custody), business and personal bankruptcy (and useful bankruptcy alternatives). Free e-mail and telephone consultations. Monthly payment plans. State-wide help available in many cases.


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