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Wisconsin Chapter 128 debt relief beats debt consolidation, debt settlement, bankruptcy and the credit-card industry!

I always try to encourage people to consider easier alternatives to filing bankruptcy, such as filing for relief under sec. 128.21 of the Wisconsin Statutes (widely known as "Chapter 128"). Wisconsin residents who have been unfairly ensnared by immorally high credit-card interest rates and "fees" which were made possible years ago by the passing of irresponsible legislation in South Dakota and Delaware (and by the grossly negligent lack of oversight of the consumer-credit industry by the U.S. Comptroller of the Currency) should click HERE to go to my web site to find out how Wisconsin law can and should be used to fight back!

Capitol One: "What's in your wallet?"
                                Me: "A big, fat contempt motion for harassing my client!"

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I've prepared an easy-to-read outline for seminar purposes that I ask people interested in Ch. 128 to open and read before contacting me via email with any questions about this law. Click HERE to open the file. It answers most questions, but not questions about the cost and procedure for filing. For those types of questions, please see the "FAQs" at For those who have read the outline, perused the "FAQs" and are ready to know how to get started, I ask everyone to please email me for my fee schedule and easy, initial instructions.

During this pandemic, I am giving people free telephone consultations to figure out if Ch. 128 is right for them. Call or text me at 414-372-6598

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Published Articles:

Click the image above to read my May, 2008 feature article about Ch. 128 in the official publication of the Wisconsin State Bar. I am only the third lawyer in history to publish an article about this law!

I file Chapter-128 cases for clients in every county in Wisconsin.

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