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Have you tried to reconcile with your spouse at all? That should be the very first question out of a good attorney's mouth before he or she takes your money to divorce you - it's the first question that I ask somebody who contacts me about getting a divorce! If you've tried marriage counseling or other similar types of therapy and it looks like none of it is doing any good, then the next question you must answer is whether the marriage is, in fact, "irretrievably broken." If so, then you're ready for the divorce and my next questions: Have you discussed divorce with your spouse already and, if so, does your spouse agree that a divorce is necessary and, if so, have the two of you reached any agreements as to the disposition of your property and debts? How long have you been married? Has your spouse worked at all during the marriage? Were any children born of the marriage? How much and what kind(s) of marital debt has accumulated? Do you and your spouse own any real estate? Do either of you have a 401(k) or pension plan? Are either of you disabled?

Your answers to those types of questions will dictate the amount of time (and money) it will take to get you divorced. Sometimes, divorcing couples agree on every point and we are then able to file a joint petition for them where I may act as the attorney (with certain limitations and restrictions) for both spouses. That is by far the easiest and least expensive way to obtain a divorce. Most people, however, face what we refer to as a "contested" divorce. Based in Milwaukee, I've represented people in complicated divorces since 1995. One of the very first cases I ever took to trial was a divorce in West Bend (Washington County) that resulted in a complete victory for my client who was awarded, among other things, a long period of maintenance, child support and primary placement of her children.

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Preparation for Divorce

There are a few clandestine steps I advise clients to take if they are positive that their marriage is at an end and they are certain they are ready to call me to help them file for a contested divorce. Without telling your spouse, make sure you open a new bank account solely in your name. Also, see about getting a couple of credit cards solely in your name. Take out your fair share (50% - don't worry about how much it may amount to if it's a lot) of any and all funds in any marital bank accounts held jointly by both you and your spouse and deposit them into your own, separate account (I cannot emphasize this enough for the ladies out there contemplating leaving their husbands because I see all too often women forced to divorce, but completely powerless to reach marital funds because they go about it wrong in the beginning and let their husband's know ahead of time). Do this after you make sure you have some place to go on a long-term basis; rent a separate apartment or see if friends or family will accommodate you in their homes. When your spouse is away from the marital home, get every important personal document and possession relating to your life and/or business - collect diplomas, school transcripts, medical and tax records, favorite photos, keys and titles/registrations to vehicles you want, family heirlooms, recipes, pets and their supplies, computers and/or equipment, jewelry, etc. Once you're sure you have everything you want, move out of the marital home. If you cannot afford to move out, then at least make sure that you place whatever important personal papers and possessions you want in a safe place out of your spouse's control, at a friend's home or in a rented or borrowed storage space. DO NOT SELL, DISPOSE OF OR DESTROY ANYTHING YOU TAKE until you get a court order allowing you to do so! Stay active or get more involved with your children, if you have any and you haven't spent much quality time with them until now - it's good for them and will show the judge that you're a good parent when it comes to making custody and placement (and child-support) decisions.

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