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The Farlex online dictionary definition of "mediation" references a neutral, 3rd party intervening between two or more parties at odds with one another. That's common to most, if not all definitions of the word. Being preferred by many over the costs associated with formal, courtroom litigation, mediation services are expanding everywhere now, though most formal mediation isn't initiated until after expensive, formal litigation is commenced. There are attorneys out there who do only formal mediation - mostly retired judges. But any litigation attorney will tell you that mediating a settlement between parties has always been part and parcel of what a good courtroom lawyer does, albeit as an advocate for one of the parties involved. In that capacity, I do a lot of mediation in my everyday practice as a matter of course. If you are contemplating filing a law suit, or if you are being sued or suspect you're about to be sued, call or e-mail me for a free, confidential consultation about your options. I may be able to engage in informal, pre-litigation mediation and resolve the issues, allowing you to avoid expensive litigation costs.

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